Cardiac Care Center

At Central Mississippi Medical Center, we realize that access to complete cardiac services is more than just an added convenience - it could mean the difference between life and death. That's why we opened our Cardiac Care Center. The center combines experienced personnel, breakthrough technology and heartfelt compassion, setting the framework for the quality care that we provide for our patients.

Our Cardiac Care Center is constantly growing to meet the needs of the community. With the recent upgrade of to the WITT System, we are equipped to provide comprehensive care for nearly every type of heart disorder. Both non-invasive and invasive procedures, including cardiac catheterization and open-heart surgery are offered. Our services include two heart catheterization labs, diagnostic imaging with one of the nation’s first PET/CT scanners, cardiovascular surgery, and a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center.

With the addition of Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab, heart arrhythmias can now be more readily diagnosed and treated. This breakthrough technology allows CMMC’s cardiac specialists to treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias by implanting pacemakers in hearts with unhealthy rhythms to monitor and regulate the heartbeat; cardioverter defibrillators to deliver to lifesaving shocks to hearts with lifethreatening rhythms; and, by using radiofrequency ablation to repair rapid, uncoordinated heartbeats. Advanced monitoring technology and skilled nursing care enable patients recovering from surgery to stabilize and to begin the recovery process. Some patients require care in one of the Intensive Care Units. Once stabilized, medical and surgical cardiac patients are transferred to the Telemetry Unit where we can continue to monitor their heart's progress before their discharge.

Central Mississippi Medical Center's Cardiac Care Center is composed of interdisciplinary teams of experienced cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, all with noteworthy reputations in cardiac care. In our catheterization lab, the staff has a combined total of 100 years of service in the medical field, and 28 years in cath labs. Experience, technology, and compassion - At Central Mississippi Medical Center's Cardiac Care Center, this is the foundation for helping patients live a healthier, happier life.