What is the Gamma Knife?

Not actually a knife at all, the Gamma Knife is a highly sophisticated machine that delivers a precise, high dose of radiation to a targeted abnormality inside the brain without a single incision. Designed only for the treatment of brain indications, the Gamma Knife directs up to 192 beams of radiation to a tumor or lesion in brain. The radiation dose from any of the narrow beams is very small, but at the point where the beams converge, the tumor or lesion receives an accurate, high dose of radiation while the surrounding tissue remains relatively untouched.

The Gamma Knife is used as a non-invasive treatment tool for indications such as malignant and benign brain tumors including single and multiple metastases, vascular malformations and trigeminal neuralgia facial pain.

Gamma Knife treatment offers a low-risk, safe and cost-effective alternative or adjunct therapy to patients with tumors or other disorders of the brain.

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