Maternity Services

There’s no place like home. But the Women’s Pavilion may come close. Our newly renovated labor and delivery has 8 spacious birthing rooms, 3 observation rooms, 3 surgical suites and a 4-bed recovery room. We are equipped to handle both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.

The Women's Pavilion at Central Mississippi Medical Center features the latest options in obstetrical care. In case of complications, CMMC offers all services of an acute care hospital including an adult Intensive Care Unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
The Women's Pavilion at Central Mississippi Medical Center is equipped to handle both low-risk and high-risk births. It is located on the third floor in the north building of Central Mississippi Medical Center.

If you have questions about the services offered at our Women's Pavilion, please call (601) 376-1056.

For a referral to a participating OB/GYN please call our FREE Physician Referral Service please call: (866) FOR-PHMJ or (866) 367-7465.




When the day arrives for your baby's birth, you may park in the parking lot directly across the main entrance. Leave your suitcase and purse in your trunk until after the birth. Once inside, take a lobby elevator to the third floor. There will be signs to guide you. If you arrive to the hospital after 9:00 pm, you must enter through the Emergency Room entrance.

Family and Friends are Welcome!

We recognize that the birth of a baby is a family event. Based on your wishes, we welcome spouses, your children, parents and friends as participants, observers or celebrants.

Nearly all women find that the assistance of someone who can provide steady, caring support during pregnancy, labor and birth is extremely helpful and meaningful. Women who have significant emotional support during birth have more positive memories of their birth experience. Your support person may be a family member, partner or friend. Our nurses are also expert providers of support. Some women choose to hire a doula, who provides professional labor support. If you want to use the services of a doula, you will need to make prior arrangements and pay the doula directly.

Periodically, our clinicians may limit the number of visitors to two due to changes in your labor process. We ask that you please have an adult, other than your support person, present in your room or in the waiting area to care for any other children.

Options for Pain Management and Delivery

We offer you several options to deal with the pain associated with childbirth. Our goal is to help you stay as comfortable as possible, while you remain in control of your body. Your nurse is trained in a variety of pain management techniques. She can provide you with comfort measures such as massage, breathing techniques, and positioning.

Since walking and changing positions can be effective in the progression of labor and pain management, we'll encourage you to walk and change positions in bed. Medications, including local and epidural anesthetics, are available if needed. Anesthesiologists are available 24 hours a day.

Your choices also include position options during birth. We will work with you to deliver in a position that feels right for you. For example, some women feel that delivering in a sitting position enables them to be more in control and involved during the birth.

After Your Baby is Born

After delivery, your baby is immediately given to you, if possible. A neonatal nurse will attend your delivery to check your baby and transport him or her along with your support person to the nursery. If you would like to keep the baby in the room with you after delivery, just let us know upon arrival to the hospital and we will add that to your plan of care. Your support person may stay with you throughout your visit and even spend the night with you. The number of visitors is limited only by your preference or medical condition. If you want time alone, we will direct your guests to the family waiting area.


All our nursery nurses have been trained in breastfeeding assistance. If you have a problem they can not help with, they can request a visit from a lactation specialist. The neonatologist "baby doctor" will come to your room every morning along with the lactation specialist to answer any questions about your baby and breastfeeding that you may have at that time. If you have questions after returning home, you can call the Baby Care Line at (601) 376-2839 and speak to a lactation specialist or nursery nurse 24 hours a day.

Going Home

Throughout your stay with us, we are preparing you and your family to go back home with your new baby. Your stay with us is full of learning opportunities. In addition to information from your nurse and doctor, the Newborn Channel is available on the hospital television. Written material and videotapes are also available to meet your and your families educational needs prior to discharge from the hospital.

Before you and your baby go home, orders from your doctor and your baby's hospital doctor are needed. Your baby will need a blood test required by the state that screens for certain conditions, including phenylketonuria (PKU), hypothyroidism, galactosemia and hemogloginopathies. Sometimes a repeat test is needed. Your baby's doctor will tell you when you should return to the newborn outpatient clinic for follow-up tests if they are needed.

Other things that need to be completed before you leave:

  • Birth registration
  • Instructions on care of mother and baby
  • Arrangements for a home visit, if applicable
  • Plans to visit a doctor and baby's doctor
  • Car seat ready in your car (not provided)

After you and your baby go home, you can learn more about caring for your baby and enjoy the support of other parents by coming to the Breastfeeding Clinic even if you are not still breastfeeding call 601-376-1036.