Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU)

Central Mississippi Medical Center is recognized as one of Jackson's leading centers for neonatal (newborn) care. We share your hope that the birth of your baby will go well. However, you have the assurance that CMMC's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is available if your newborn has any difficulty.

The Neonatal Healthcare Team consists of neonatologists (doctors specializing in the care of sick or premature newborns), registered nurses, neonatal nurse specialists, neonatal nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, and social workers. Special consulting physicians are also available if requested by the neonatologist. The team provides around-the-clock care everyday. The NICU team assesses your baby's condition and develops a plan of care in a family-centered environment throughout your infant's stay.

The NICU staff encourage parents to become involved with their baby's care as fully as possible. Special breastfeeding rooms equipped with breast pumps are located in the nursery, and breastfeeding consultants are available. The Mother/Baby Program enables you to stay in a room prior to the discharge of your baby, giving you time to learn from the nurses about your baby's special needs, and helps you become comfortable with caring for your baby while the nurses are nearby to provide support.

Follow-up Care

CMMC provides follow-up evaluations of babies who have left the NICU or Newborn Nursery and are identified as "high-risk". The Neonatal Follow-up Clinic Team includes a neonatologist, a neonatal nurse practitioner, a neonatal nurse, and a lactation specialist. The Child Development evaluations are shared with you and your baby's primary physician. All infants with apnea or infants at risk for apnea or SIDS are seen in our Apnea Clinic for evaluation by the Neonatal Apnea Team. This team consists of board certified physicians and consulting physicians in the fields of pediatrics, neurology, neurosurgery, pulmonary medicine, pediatric cardiology, and radiology. We also include a prenatal nurse educator certified in CPR to instruct parents on how to manage apnea alarms at home and assists parents in dealing with the family adjustments involved with home monitoring.