Sorella- A Comprehensive Breast Health Center

Sorella is a Comprehensive Breast Health Center at CMMC that was designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.

Patients who tour Sorella may be surprised to find advanced technology housed in a relaxing, spa-like environment. “With a water feature to greet the patient when they first walk-in, luxurious robes instead of hospital gowns and integrated diagnostic/screening services contained within the same richly decorated complex, our hope is that patients won’t focus so much on the fact that they’re at CMMC for a screening or test.”Located at 1860 Chadwick Drive in Jackson, Mississippi, Sorella – A Comprehensive Breast Health Center contains the R2 ImageChecker® - the most advanced mammography technology available and the first of its kind in the state of Mississippi. Digital mammography produces faster, clearer images of the breast. Areas that warrant a second review by a radiologist are automatically highlighted. Fewer patients are called back for additional images.Stereotactic breast biopsy is another technological break-through offered at the Center. Instead of a scalpel, this procedure uses stereo X-rays taken from multiple angles and a special biopsy needle to obtain a sample of a suspicious lump in the breast. Unlike surgical biopsies, it does not require an incision or general anesthesia. Sorella – A Comprehensive Breast Health Center also offers bone density measurements, needle biopsies and ultrasound. Technologists in the areas of mammography, diagnostic imaging and ultrasound, work with radiologists, surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and plastic surgeons which allows for extensive review and treatment planning that’s tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

Erin Cummins, M.D., is a surgeon on staff at Central Mississippi Medical Center. She believes that it’s important to offer diagnostic services in a separate area of the hospital. “Breast disease can be very personal and stressful. In our Center, all can be done privately and comfortably with counseling and support without having the patient disrobe and re-dress several times. The patient is carefully guided through the process and all of her care is coordinated from one spot.”Streamlined registration is the key to faster service at Sorella. Patients aren’t combined with those who are registering for X-ray procedures at the hospital – reducing the time between registration and their screening/testing. To alleviate anxiety, patients who are scheduled for diagnostic testing are separated from those who are scheduled for screenings.The integration of diagnostic/screening services decreases the time between discovering an abnormality and reaching a diagnosis. Patients who undergo diagnostic exams can receive results the same day. Multiple diagnostic exams can be performed during the same visit. Surgeons are on-site to consult with patients on the day of their visit.Information on breast self-exams and breast cancer can be provided to patients by a technologist during their appointment. Literature, videos and internet access are available to patients in a private room in the Center.

For more information about Sorella- A Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Central Mississippi Medical Center, call 601-376-1748.